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How I ended up coaching…

I often get asked why did I become a coach, so I thought I may answer that here. In 2015, with the encouragement of my spouse, I went on a retreat to learn to meditate. Chris was seeing how stressed I was and since I didn’t want to turn to drinking as a means of relaxation, meditation seemed like a great alternative. I did some research and ended up at The Chopra Center in Carlsbad. I dabbled in meditation through the Oprah & Deepak 21-day meditations, so heading to a lovely spa environment for 2.5 days sounded great. At this retreat I was given a personal mantra and learned to meditate. In the morning yoga sessions we were encouraged to explore our path in life. While I was hoping for some grand epiphany, again and again, I kept coming back to my purpose is to help people. I admit I had a judgment on that – shouldn’t my path be so much more than that? I went back to the Chopra Center two other times for a variety of programs in 2015 and 2016 and each time you are asked to ponder your purpose and each time it kept coming back to helping others. I was getting stuck in the “how’s” of helping and what that meant. Did that mean I was meant to teach meditation (the answer to that is no as I have a hard time consistently meditating). Do I go back to school for counseling? (I really didn’t want to stop working and go back to school full time OR take the GRE again). In 2017 I started a new job and several people had gone through a coaching curriculum through CTI. I looked at the website and remembered visiting this site several years ago. I had the opportunity to attend the Fundamentals class and I fell in love. I knew in that class that this was the answer I was looking for, this is how I am to help people! For me, coaching combines my education (communication), career (human resources), and hobby (improv) into one discipline. It was as if I was training for this moment my whole life. I am in the beginning of my journey and I have no idea where it will take me, but the clients I have been lucky enough to work with so far bring me so much learning and energy. I leave the calls excited about their discoveries and what they are doing in the world. I love helping them uncover their own answers, sometimes in ways that surprise us both. I am honored to work with them and connect on a level that most of us do not because the space I hold is a judgement free zone. There is so much possibility when we let go of our own judgements and ignore the judgements of others. I try to take this practice into my own day to day life – I am not perfect at it, but I try, every day. I find it easy to do in the coaching relationship, but in my real life, I can still be hard on myself or on others. I am actively working that muscle daily, some days are harder than others, it is a pattern that I have learned, but it is a pattern I can replace. A big tenant in coaching is that you are always in choice. You can choose which voices to listen to, so when I have those moments, I recognize them for what they are (an ingrained pattern) and I choose to think differently about it. After all helping others, starts with helping myself and I am enjoying that journey.

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