A Kindful Approach

Kindful - kind and mindful. This is my philosophy and approach to life.  The world is a better place when we are kind to ourselves and others and mindful of where we are, who we are being and the impact your creating. I believe we are full of potential,  but our thoughts and judgments can get in the way. I see myself as a midwife to your full potential. Each coaching session is 100% about you and your agenda. Where would you like to go? How do you want to be? What would it be like if you were able to achieve all you dream about for yourself? I use my super powers of deep listening, intuition and curiosity to help us uncover your path to being kindfully and the best version of you.

I promise to come to each session fully present to you and to listen without judgment and with an open heart and open mind. I will ask questions and challenge you from a place of kindness and genuinely deep curiosity. I will be my kindful, playful and sassy self so that you can be fully you. 

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Personal Development Coaching

I provide the space for you to be you. We talk about what you want to talk about. I curiously ask questions and listen with an open mind and an open heart. I use my intuition and check in on what I am hearing. I offer a perspective for you to consider and you take that where it leads you. My natural process is to use enthusiasm, playfulness, sassyness and physicality to help get you past stuck thought patterns. I ask you to join along, but it is your choice. I find that sharing my silly thought with you may spark something you didn't consider.  We use our time together to uncover your true values and explore patterns that emerge through the stories you share. We explore your feelings and desires as a means to get you clear on what matters to you and ways to make changes in your life. You decide what is next and I will hold you accountable. Each time we talk we check in and if you didn't do what you said, no worries, we discuss what you learned in the not doing. You are always in control, but I may probe with fierce courage into what you really want if you keep not doing the work. I am your guide to helping you live more authentically. 

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Career/Creative Coaching

For career or creative endeavors we will use many of the same approaches as the personal development coaching described above with more focus on values, exploring possibilities, uncovering blockers to moving ahead and career focused accountability so the work you are putting out into the world (or the work your are doing) is fully, authentically you and aligned with your values. My desire is for you to love what you do and do what you love. Let's discover that together. 

How it works...

All sessions are conducted via phone.


Sessions typically twice a month for 30-minutes each (but open to various options).

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One to one coaching

Telephone coaching, twice per month.

Team coaching

Certified in helping teams succeed  using a team assessment tool and group coaching sessions.


Certified in DISC (communication), Motivators, Learning Styles, Critical Thinking, EIQ-2 (emotional intelligence) and Hogan Leadership Series (HPI, HDS and MVPI) - offer assessment and debrief sessions.