What is coaching?

What is an area in your life you would like to see improved?  In its simplest form, it is about taking you from where you are to where you want to be and helping to hold you accountable along the way.

Sessions are conducted via telephone, so it is not bound to a location.

Why do you coach?

I LOVE helping people. I have always been deeply curious and interested in people. Coaching allows me to use my listening, humor, empathy and intuition in new ways to help people live a truer life. I do not take myself too seriously and use humor and imagination to help people see different perspectives and shift their thinking to action. I find that when we are true to ourselves everything in our life lights up and unfolds before us, just by being fully ourselves. 

What are your fees?

Sessions are typically bundled into monthly packages of 2, 30  minute sessions per month. Payment accepted via PayPal or Zelle. You will have free access via text or email between sessions. We can discuss rates via phone during your sample session. I charge a sliding scale so that coaching can be accessible to anyone.

What will we talk about?

That is always up to you! The coaching session is 100% your time. We will talk about whatever is with you in the moment. That could be career, family, friends, a project - you name it, we can talk about it. I will ask questions and provide insights from what I am hearing or sensing, but you guide where those insights take you. I share what I see, but you choose what makes sense to you.

What is a free sample session and how do I book one?

Sample sessions are free of charge. During this session we will talk about what coaching is, how I would work with you and then I ask permission to coach you as I do my other clients. We focus on a topic of your choosing and you get to experience how we would work together. The session is an opportunity for you to see how I work and for us both to determine if coaching together is the right next step. If I do not feel I will be the best coach for you, I can happily refer you to other coaches in my network. We will discuss my rates and how that may work with your budget.  There is never any pressure or obligation to enter into a coaching relationship. If you are curious, book a 30 minute session for free. Click here.

What is the difference between a coach, a therapist and a consultant?

A coach works with you to take you from where you are to where you want to be - they do not provide the answers, but guide you along the way to your own discoveries. Therapists work with your past and uncovering ways to help you now. Consultants provide answers and solutions to issues or problems.